Tiresias swipes right, left, right, there on the bench,under fairy lights cold in their promises.His blindness is ours, his thresholdsand transports his own.

No scholars of Greek, my friendscompare Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts.I say none of those. These doors, right here.My own adventure.

I will paint in the palette of dreams you forgot,not some land far far but as close as your eyelid.

Keep awake, keep aware for the gift freely given:the key, or the goatskin, or sometimesthe body itself (swipe right). Imagine the friendyou haven’t yet met

playing guitar on the couch. Everything thawing,out of the cold, and people of laughter and patchworkentering in and out doors that are squarely real.You can hear them from here.

Sarah Sadie helps people connect to their creativity and to each other. She teaches classes, works with people one on one, and hosts occasional retreats. Combining interests in embodied spirituality, creativity, the wisdom of the body, and the power of art, she seeks out makers, dreamers, and anyone interested in a good cup of coffee and conversation.

BMP Celebrates National Poetry Month

The theme of teaching and learning poetry, and our emphasis on student poets, speaks directly to the action of poetry in our country and global community. Never has the education of our students been so threatened, and never has truth been more challenged than in the current political climate. The truth emerges through education and the resistance and questions of our youngest generation, and it is their lead we absolutely must follow if they are to live in a society that fosters their achievements, liberation, and justice. Truth emerges through poetry as well — poetry bears witness to what truths seem impossible to speak any other way. Its constraints limit the temptation to misconstrue, obscure, and bury.