In an average lifespan a person invests a year looking for the things they’ve forgotten.

9 august 2017

Those who have laboured, night and day, Monday to Friday, on their unhappiness are right to lick their chops over it as much as they do.

11 august 2017

In the contorted bookkeeping of the broken, the distance you hold yourself away from them is your only value.

12 august 2017

TFW YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH THEM FROM NOW UP INTO FOREVER, but all signs and wonders, Urim and Thummim, emails and texts, no email no texts, using the good-got-damn-sense your mother gave you not the repeating the mistakes your father braided, tell you to keep things cute and quick. ¡Presta atencíon!

No exit interview no two weeks notice.

Numbers 31:19

Anyone who has killed any person or touched the slain must stay outside the camp seven days. Clean yourself and your captives.

did you clean yourself

you who has touched

who has violated my pen

has salted my tongue

drugged my drink

slain with the blade

of lack of empathy

a ladder like love leans

outside of time

goes up and down

through the same insistence

Easier to be angry than afraid, easier to brace guilt rather than test sick with intimate.

Top photo by Nicole Mason on Unsplash

“What if we took all this anger born of righteous love and aimed it?”

—Ijeoma Olou, “We women can be anything. But can we be angry?”

ANGER showcases essays and poetry featuring well-aimed anger from femme writers, writers of color, LGBTQIA+ writers, First Nations writers, and disabled writers.